Serious Shirley

Hey folks! Long time no talk. First off let me apologize for the absence. I became so over worked (which is a good thing) that I wasn’t able to keep up with a weekly podcast. More information on that soon when the podcast gets updated. Have some great guests lined up! I wanted to make a post though and point you guys towards my buddy and past guest Roland Luitgaarden’s new sketch comedy Youtube channel … Continue reading

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This is what I look at half of the day.

Episode 49 – Set Rats

Good Morning, internet. This weeks episode is definitely a strange change of pace but I think you guys will enjoy. The other day I came to work (set) on the film Sake Bomb with my iPhone’s trusty recorder switched on and recorded throughout the day random little tidbits of set life. We talk to Grip dep, producers, art department, electric, P.A.’s, and background actors. Forget anything you’ve ever seen in a making of documentary. This … Continue reading

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First dates are always a little awkward.

Eric England in “Mindfreaking and Directing”

Good morning, internet. This weeks guest is the most talented writer director Eric England. I’ve been trying for months to get Eric on the show to talk about directing Madison County, Roadside, Contracted and to figure out just how he broke into this industry. Get ready for a fascinating discussion on directing, writing, maneuvering in the business, jumping from independent to studio pictures, to VIP Hollywood parties with piles of cocaine. Eric is open, honest, … Continue reading

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Naked Lunch

Good morning, internet. Well…afternoon. This week’s episode takes “Different Show” to a whole new level. This is a much different episode than usual. The guest? Me! That’s right, your goodly host is this week’s guest. I sit down with Josh, SSDS’s producer and editor, and talk about my week and what’s going on right now. Also, hear a little about our new podcast coming out soon, Geek Dynamite. Stay Tuned! It’s a short and sweet … Continue reading

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The question you axed me is a secret...Wow that was bad. I need to work on my caption jokes.

Matthew Currie Holmes in “This episode is brought to you by Matthew Currie Holmes™”

Good morning, internet. Sure happy it’s Thursday because we have an awesome show for you today. This weeks guest is my good friend and one of the best actors I know Matthew Currie Holmes. For a guy that claims to be a huge narcissist Matt is one of the kindest and coolest cats around. We met a few years ago and it took another year for me to realize that he was the the director … Continue reading

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Obviously being on my show is THE highlight of her career.

Solange Schwalbe in “Dirty By’s and Vocal Foley”

Good morning, internet. This weeks guest is our first Emmy award winner. What does she do? Well it depends on who you ask. If you were to ask Steven Spielberg he’d say she was a great foley supervisor. If you were to ask Joe Dante he’d say she was a great dialogue editor. Either way you’d discover Solange is a fantastic post sound specialist. On this episode her and I sit down to discuss her … Continue reading

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This is the best I could do without spoiling the video.


I don’t exactly know what this is, why it was made, or what it the response is going to be but I just majorly geeked out. If you are someone who knows the difference between justice…and Punishment…watch the following. Holy shit. Apparently it’s just a fan film that Tom Jane and Pearlman decided to be in, but good lord does this not get me in the mood for another Punisher film. -I’ll see you on … Continue reading

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Todd kept pretending to be Bob Fosse during all of his close ups.

Todd Farmer in “Losing your head in Screenwriting”

Good morning, internet. This weeks guest on Same Shit, Different Show is screenwriter and actor Todd Farmer! Todd and I met a few times over the years at various horror gatherings but I never really knew the guy until we did American Muscle together, where Todd played the main antagonist. Not to mention a hilarious story containing Nick Principi’s penis and Todd’s fake head. While we go deep with American Muscle, we also dig into … Continue reading

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Neither of these people are Porno Mike.

Porno Mike in “Pop Shots and Throw Ups, Editing in the Porn Industry”

Good morning, internet! We got a doozy of an episode this week. So doozified that our guest isn’t even using his real name. This week we welcome, Porno Mike! Porno Mike is currently an video editor at a big name porn distributor and boy does he have some stories. From QCing (Quality Checking) porn videos and catching women puking that was left in during a take, to having to cut around a guy pop shooting … Continue reading

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Singing Whitesnake like a boss.

Sean Clark in “Managing your Geekdom”

Good morning, internet! This weeks guest is Sean Clark, writer, producer, and celebrity manager. Sean and I for years way back in the day ran around the country shooting interviews for The Horror Channel, and eventually Dread Central. We both went off in our own separate ways and Sean went into managing celebrities for convention appearances as well as writing for Horror Hound magazine with his article Horror’s Hollowed Grounds. If you’ve seen the Halloween 25 years … Continue reading

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